About Us

LCA Europe delivers the individual research and writings of Dr Michael Lloyd. The company also offers networked consultancy services, via teams of experts assembled and led by Michael, whenever specialist expertise beyond that of Michael himself is required.

LCA Europe provides a regular weekly blog on EU issues, plus other ad hoc blogs as circumstances suggest. The blog consists of comments on news items and longer articles on key UK and EU political economic issues.

LCA Europe will provide general summaries of work done for clients, but only with the explicit permission of clients. A list of clients will also be published, but again only with the explicit permission of the clients.

LCA Europe has in the past worked closely with partners and will be doing so again. Partners who are happy to be associated with LCA Europe have given permission for the partnership to be advertised and a list of recent partners across Europe is provided.

LCA Europe will be pleased to have enquiries interested in working with the company in order to bid for contracts, particularly with UK public or private organisations and the European Commission or European Parliament.

Please contact LCA Europe directly via this website (see contact details) or Michael Lloyd directly on laceeurope@btinternet.com. The services provided are indicated on the web-site.