Michael’s Lectures & Seminars

Michael lectures and speaks at seminars on widely on economic, monetary, and political issues. His mission is to provide simple – but not simplistic – introductions to complex issues. In so doing Michael challenges conventional political, economic, and social explanations and positions.

Michael has lectured on European Union Affairs, Political Economy, Monetary and Banking Policy, and Federalism. Please contact Michael via email or the website.

Venues have included: University of Newcastle Business School, University of Canterbury Business School, London Metropolitan University Business School, Coventry University Business School, Regents University Business School, and Ankara Yilidirim Beyazit University.

Michael’s Briefings, Blogs, and Podcasts

Michael also provides one-to-one briefings for clients on his areas of expertise, at a fee of £100 for a one-hour briefing.

Michael’s blogwill provide a new contemporary topic briefing each week. His Twitter feed will indicate the topics.

In the autumn of 2021, Michael will start a monthly podcast, linked to the issues raised in his blog series, providing simpler oral expositions of the issues involved. Some of the podcasts will involve questions from a colleague, acting as an interlocutor