Central Bank Digital Currencies

25 February 2024

It has been two years since my last post, principally because a I lost a close colleague who was maintaining my website and updating my blog.

This interregnum does not mean that I have been idle, far fom it. The lasy couple of years has been occupied by researcing and writing a new book, published last year by Agenda Publishing: Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Future of Money. The book has been well received. Two early positive comments were from reviews of the book by the current Lord Mayor of London, Alderman (Professor) Michael Mainelli and by Professor Lucia Quaglia, University of Bologna. 

Professor Mainelli: "As the topic of central bank digital currency (CBDC) intensifies, we need an informed societ-wide debate about the potential impact on fractional reserve banking, privacy and taxation. within a deeper discussion of the role of credit in a modern economy. I welcomea book that helps citizens enter that debate by providin a comprehensive overview of CBDCs, their benefits and risks, and their potentia impact on the global financial system, while also being accessible and practica"

Professor Quaglia: "This book deals with an important and topical matter: central bank digital currencies. it provides sophisticated yet understandble insights into the world of cryptocurrencies, which have profound implications not only for the stability of the global monetary and financial systems, but also for the well-being of ordinary citizens"

Work with the Global Policy Istitute has meant publishing a number of articles on both monetary policies, central bank policies , and geopolitics. These interests coming together on the issue of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in the context of cross-border global financial transfers.

Involvement in organizing, and speaking at, a major conference in London on April 24, 2023 on CBDCs, hosted by Clifford Chance, with principal sponsors being GPI and the DPF was followed by speaking at a global conference in Paris in September . A follow-up of the 2023 London conference on CBDCs is being organized by GPI and the University of Greenwich on April 16, 2024. I will also be speaking at a conference in Vienna in May on a related theme.

I will now be publishing a new blog every month covering specific monetary or geopolitical issues.

Dr Michael Lloyd

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