Michael’s Research

EU RTD Research 

In January 2012, Michael Lloyd (LCA Europe). via AMRIE, completed an FP7 EU RTD project, InnoSuTra (analysing innovation in the surface transport sector), together with five European Universities: University of Antwerp (Coordinator); University of Delft, University of Lyons; University of the Aegean, and University of Genoa.

Earlier EU RTD projects, include: REALISE an FP5 Coordination Action (CA) on Short Sea Shipping; Freightwise, an FP6 Integrated Project; CAESAR, an FP6 (CA) supporting the European Intermodal Research Advisory Council; MAREDFlow, a Regions of Knowledge Project, utilising technology development maps, improving regional technology transmission.

Recent Research

GPI Submission to Vickers Report on UK Banking, 2011, (Michael Lloyd)

GPI project Federal Central Banks, 2018, (Michael Lloyd, et al)

ECB Revised Mandate,2020, (Michael Lloyd et al)

China’s Global Re-emergence, 2020, (Michael Lloyd and Bob Savic)

Consultancy Assignments

A study for the European Parliament comparing the economic performance of the EU and the US economies during the 1990s, conducted 1999.

A Socio-Economic Cost–benefit analysis for the establishment and EU funding of the highly successful Eden Project  in Cornwall, conducted 1997/98

Feasibility studies for a Welsh National Exhibition Centre and a Welsh Technology Centre, conducted in 1980s

A study of Technology Transfer for the Scottish Development Agency, conducted in 1980s