Introduction to Dr Michael Lloyd's new book - The Re-Emergence of China

10 November 2021

Michael’s latest book (co-authored by colleague Bob Savic) is on “China’s Re-Emergence” on the world stage during the past 30 years, ushering in a “New Global Era”. The book presents an objective, non-judgemental perspective on China’s development. The book provides an explanation of China’s political economy, philosophy, and societal development, contrasting with the current, simplistic anti-China political rhetoric prevalent in the West.

The World Scientific publishers’ flyer is attached and providers a lengthier introduction to the book, ( q0332 - The Re-Emergence of China ) ( which is available on Amazon, as a hardback and as an e-book. A paperback version will be published later. Please feel free to write a short review of the book on Amazon.

Michael will provide excerpts from the book in new postings during the next few weeks, on his website on Linked In and Twitter.

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