Welcome to LCA Europe

The founder and managing director of LCA Europe Limited is Dr Michael Lloyd, a leading political economist, specialising in monetary and economic analysis, in a European Union context.

He has wide experience as an applied economist in industry and consultancy and in European international organisations and as an economic adviser, notably as Economic Adviser on Economic and Monetary Union to the European Parliament in 1998, covering preparations for the launch of the Euro in 1999. In 2008 he published The Euro and the UK: The Political Economy (Forum Press). He has recently completed the manuscript of a new book The Progressive State: Challenging Neo-Liberal Orthodoxy. He has also published numerous articles in various publications, including a number of studies for the European Parliament.

His experience spans a number of decades and a variety of applied economic areas, extending beyond his main specialisms. He has conducted a number of economic cost benefit analyses, including for the Eden Project in Cornwall. He also carried out a number of regional economic studies across the UK, including for the Scottish and Welsh Development Agencies. As Director of AMRIE, a Brussels-based organisation specialising in regional and transport policies, he was involved in a number of EU research projects under the various EU RTD Programmes.

Currently, Michael is a Senior Research Fellow of the Global Policy Institute (GPI). He is Chair of the GPI Banking and Monetary Policy Group. In 2010, and submitted evidence on behalf of GPI to the UK Vickers Commission on Banking, set up following the global financial crisis.

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