Welcome to Michael Lloyd at LCA Europe

The founder of LCA Europe Limited is Dr Michael Lloyd, a leading political economist, specialising in monetary, banking, and political economic analysis, principally in a European context, though extending now to China.

Michael is a Senior Research Fellow and Associate Director of the Global Policy Institute, London. In this role he is involved in a wide variety of political, economic, and monetary lines of research, some of this activity is reflected in GPI publications and in his published work.

He has wide experience as an applied economist in industry and consultancy, and as an economic adviser, notably as Economic Adviser on Economic and Monetary Union to the European Parliament during 1998, covering preparations for the launch of the Euro in 1999. 

In 2010 he published The Euro and the UK: The Political Economy (Forum Press). He has also published numerous articles in various publications, including a number of studies for the European Commission and the European Parliament. 

He has recently concentrated on publishing a series of books on themes related to his wide expertise and experience, and his research interests. These have included recent books on federalism, monetary policy, business banking issues; on the Chinese political economy, and in April 2023 a book on central bank digital currencies.(see CV for details and the blog).

Michael has now joined the Connectd network to use his corporate and SME startup experience, and his recent expertize and knowledge of the developing area of te use of central bank digital currencies and distributed ledger technology, see separate Connectd CV immediately below:

.My Experience

My corporate career spans from 1980 to 2008, including a senior executive role in a large international company; in 1984 starting my own consultancy business, later employing 25 people; in starting a small software company in the 1990s, and running a European research and consultancy company in Brussels from 1999 to 2008.

Prior to my corporate experience and sub was a senior European Commission official. Since 2008 I have spent time on ad hoc consultancy and research work in the UK. I have since written five books, the latest in 2023 on cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies, publishing further articles and speaking at conferences. I have a Cambridge economics degree and was Economic Adviser to the European Parliament in 1997/1998, working in Brussels.

My Contribution

I have been chairman and chief executive of my own small company, a senior executive in a large company, a senior official in an international organisation, and have served in a senior advisory capacity. This varied experience has involved managing entrepreneurial risks; managing budgets and cashflow; accessing finance from banks and the capital market, and developing successful strategies.

I now want to use the fruits of my varied experience and expertise to provide corporate advice to the founders of fintech start-ups and of those wanting to grow further.

My Goals

I am looking for board advisory roles within early-stage companies or later stage, medium-sized companies looking to diversify and move into new market areas, working closely with directors and senior managers.

The fintech sectors I am interested in are innovative payments companies looking to work with commercial banks and companies involved in the practical use of AI in a variety of sectors. These companies would be those where my experience is staring up a company from scratch and in developing new markets would be beneficial.

Click here to download full Dr Michael Lloyd CV.